Saturday, January 21, 2006

Welsh Assembly Health Minister in KaKa

Social Services minister says issues surrounding the health and welfare of its client groups are not part of his portfolio what utter bulldoody (so reads the above banner) one day I'll learn how to make them larger images and more easily readable.

Check out the blog 'welsh assembly members named and shamed' you'll see that good ole Dr. Gibbon doesn't like reponding to letters from me infact for all the correspondence I've sent him I have not so much as had a 'your comments have been noted' the response that civil servants usually dish out when you send them ministers letters.

Well good ole Doc Gibbon had one that read 'DWP doctor purjures report' as part of my claim that the local dwp office in Cardiff conspired to cause me unnecessary hardship.

How did DR. Kennedy perjure his report then Crazydave well for one he deliberately misquoted me missing out the phrase I used 'As a representative of Bro Taff Health authority' for one thing and then he went on to say that I just upped and outted the interview, the submit to medical examination interview room, when he actually asked 'would you like to leave?' 'yes thank you' and did so he also failed to mention that I left him with a idiot sheet that quote the words used so that like the paychiatrist I saw previously he wouldn't be able to lie about events, but he did, should I be that suprised.

Theres a goddamn word isn't it Submit to a medical examination. Well I'm sorry people but I've got a few outstanding issues with Bro Taff Health authority from the incompetant psychiatrist they employ to the medication that they foster on clients to G.P. who seem oblivious of the effects of the drugs they push in their surgeries, Oh yes people the ole anti depressant drug pushers, who in effect are working as pushers for the multi national drug companies.

Or the complaint proceedures that you go through when your a justifiably pissed off client. But good ole doc Gibbon isn't much interested in the welfare of his client groups as the Health and Social Services minister much like Jane Hutt before him, who pushed the 73 page document of letters about this and other stuff to onto Edwina Hart who buried her head in the sand over it all.

I just wonder if my letter questioning the use of Seroxat the drug that seemed to be causing alot of suicides in teenagers might be having the same effect on adult users, helped to have it being taken out of the adult market. Cos funnilly enough my own suicide attempt just happened to coincide with it being my perscription drug, then theres the outstanding question of how many patients given cipramil went on to be sectioned??????????Bro Taff Health Authority have still failed to answer that question and the convenor couldn't be bothered to force the issue, regarding an answer, even when it was as plain on the nose of his face that this question had never been dealt with by Bro Taff HA.

Well tell me Doc shouldn't you have taken abit more interest in doctors who are willing to lie in the reports they produce, much like the psychiatrist who doesn't like shouting in his office and got his arse protected by his collegues, because who believes the client against the word of a health professional, I wouldn't have had to raise my voice if the idiot knew why I was there, or was it all just a game to get me sectioned I sometimes wonder over that question.

Then the games the DWP played in order to fallstall my getting a hold of that report of Doc Kennedy's about as many as they played in trying to make out that I had to make a fresh claim when they knew it was a continuance one, bastards is to polite a word for those people.

Well Dr. Gibbon is this highlighting your protectionism of a fellow member of the BMA or why havent I heard from you over this issue, and what about the other members of the health and social services committee well aware of the complaint havent they through inaction done the self same thing as you, but then it seems to me you Assembly members have taken 'The Hypocritic oath' rather than the Hypocratic one as good ole Doc Gibbon has and this Dr. Kennedy must have at some time.

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